Bayford Mews

3 Houses + Workspaces

Caroline Street

Conversion + New Build for 25 Apartments


Tottenham Lane

Conversion + New Build for 3 Houses + 6 Apartments

Leyton High Road

9 Apartments + Workspace

Image of Leyton High Road

Hatcham Park Mews

Conversion + New Build for 6 Houses + 13 Apartments

Image of Hatcham Park Mews

Charing House


Image of Charing House


Conversion + New Build 25 Apartments + Workspaces

Image of Archway


Well Street

8 Apartments + Workspace

Image of Well Street 2013

Shepherd Market

Listed House Reordering + Extension

Image of Shepherd Market

Radbourne Road

6 Apartments

Honor Oak Road

Listed Family House Reordering + Extension

Image of Honor Oak Road.

Dingley Road

Conversion + Extension for 5 Apartments

Image of Dingley Road

295 Hoxton Street

Conversion + Extension for 6 Apartments + Workspace

Image of Conversion + Extension for 6 Apartments + Workspace

192 Hoxton Street

Apartment Reordering + Extension

Image of 192 Hoxton Street


Shoreditch High Street

Roof Top Extension for 2 Apartments

Image of Shoreditch High Street

Leyden Street

2 Apartments + Workspace

Image of Leydon Street

Cobb Street

Conversion + Roof Extension for 9 Apartments + Workspaces

Image of Cobb Street


Paul Street

Roof Extension for 1 Apartment

Image of Paul Street Blueprint

North Hill

Listed Building Conversion to 3 Houses

Image of North Hill

Chadwell Street

House Remodelling

Image of Chadwell Street


Wenlock Road

Pub Refurbishment + 2 Apartments

Image of Wenlock Road

Upper Hill Rise

5 Houses

Image of Upper Hill Rise

Hollingbourne Road

House Remodelling + Extension

Image of House Remodelling + Extension

Highbury New Park

10 Apartments + Workspaces

Image of Highbury New Park model

Cranley Gardens

House Remodelling + Extension

Image of Cranley Gardens

Copenhagen Street

Listed Building Residential Conversion

Image of Copenhagen Street

Chorleywood Working Mens Club

Community Complex + 10 Houses

Image of Chorleywood Working Mens Club


White Lyon House

Listed Family House Remodelling

White Lyon House Image

Onlsow Gardens 2

House Remodelling + Extension

Onlsow Gardens 2 Image

Greenwich High Road Hotel

82 Room Hotel + Restaurant

Greenwich High Road Hotel Image


Richmond Hill

House Remodelling + Extension

Richmond Hill Image

Plumbers Row

Roof Top Extension for 5 Apartments

Plumbers Row Image

Kestrel Avenue

House Remodelling + Extension

Kestrel Avenue Image

Bridge Wharf

2 Houses

Bridge Wharf Image



Benchspace Image


Bardsley Lane 2

House Remodelling + Extension

Bardsley Lane Model Image

Park Drive

House Remodelling + Extension

Park Drive Image

Pitfield Street

16 Affordable Apartments + Workspace

Pitfield Street Image

Newham Indoor Athletics Centre

Indoor Athletics Centre

Newham Indoor Athletics Centre Image

Greenwich High Road

14 Apartments + Workspaces

Image of Greenwich High Road

Fawnbrake Avenue

House Remodelling + Extension

Image of Fawnbrake Avenue

Church Road

House Remodelling + Extension

Interior Image of Church Road


The Close

House Remodelling + Extension

Image of the Close Exterior

Rainham Road South

11 Apartments

Image of Rainham Road South Model

Crouch Hill

4 Houses


Uxbridge Road

10 Apartments

Exterior Image of Uxbridge Road

Grove End Hotel

10 Apartments + 3 Houses

Image of Grove End Hotel

Ivy Gate Close

House Remodelling + Extension

Onslow Gardens

Onslow Gardens

Englewood Road

Conversion + Remodelling for 3 Apartments