The Plinth

  • Project: The Plinth
  • Location: Limehouse, London
  • Description: New build house
  • Value: £500,000
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Planning granted 2007


Rising up directly from a triangular base, this starkly modern building maximises London’s leftover industrial heritage.

The shape of this private house springs directly from the eight metre-high triangular brick base left behind when a redundant rail bridge that spanned the Regents Canal was demolished. Three concrete facades rise directly up from the base and are punctuated by voids that can take the form of large windows or terraces. The smooth finish of the exterior walls deliberately contrasts with the brick below, differentiating new from old, while still referencing that the historic use of the landing point for the delivery of Lime, a fey component of concrete.

A carefully sculpted mass, sitting on an existing ‘plinth’, illustrates how our industrial heritage can be reinterpreted for future use.

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