Radbourne Road

  • Project: Radbourne Road
  • Location: Lambeth
  • Description: New build, 6 duplex apartments
  • Value: £1,400,000
  • Client: DC Property Limited
  • Status: Under construction

This project seeks to evoke, restore and reinterpret the language of the terrace to create 6 new dual aspect duplex homes.

The scheme plays with the traditional materiality of the terrace using three brick types, detailed in a contemporary manner, to provide a new built form that both compliments the surrounding properties, whilst providing a recognisable definition between new and old. In order to further play with, and evoke, the language of the vernacular and its sculptural qualities the pitched roof will be finished in traditional tile, that tonally matches the brick to the upper element, to give the appearance of the material wrapping up onto the roof plane.

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