Pitfield Street

  • Project: Pitfield Street
  • Location: Hoxton, London
  • Description: Private mixed-use
  • Value: £1,600,000
  • Client: Cobstar / One Housing Group
  • Status: Planning submitted 2008

Originally conceived as high-end apartments, economic forces shifted this development to social housing. pH+ were commissioned to develop a scheme for 16 flats above a ground-floor commercial space. This project therefore demonstrates a flexible and intuitive response to changing requirements within the same site.

Working with a strict material palette the elevations utilise two types of interlocking brickwork, descaling the mass by expressing the alternating floors. Using permeable metal screens, a pattern was incorporated into the balconies and terraces, based on a Tudor vestment, referencing the site’s recent ecclesiastical use and its Tudor past. The abstracted flora also evokes a planted window box and the traditional notion of home.

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