• Project: Mixed-Use Development with New Community Centre
  • Location: Muswell Hill, London
  • Description: Community centre, commercial space and 28 new dwellings
  • Value: Undisclosed
  • Client: Jamm Living
  • Status: Completed


“pH+’s commitment to ensuring key details are retained through the construction process is unwavering, an attention to detail which is critical for delivering the quality of product which underpins our philosophy”
Tim jackson, Director, Jamm Living

This mixed-use development climbs a hill in Muswell Hill, North London, starting as a series of private houses and apartments and ending with a community centre. The steeply stepping residential buildings follow the contours of the land, broken up in an alternating pattern of brick and glazed elements. Each of the six large family homes and 22 apartments are defined by golden-lined bays of varying tones.

The new Centre is part refurbishment of an existing building and part new-build extension. The proportions of the extension match that of its neighbour and it is arranged in bays that open up views for the teaching areas and provide break-out spaces.

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