Bridport Place

  • Project: Bridport Place Phase 1 & Phase 2
  • Location: Shoreditch Park, London
  • Description: New build residential development with part façade retention to create 8 apartments and 4 townhouses
  • Value: £4,000,000
  • Client: Bravio Investments + Shoreditch Park Property
  • Status: Completed


I trust Andy and Drew and that’s important, especially because I’m a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none property consultant. They have the same perspective on what I want to do: high quality developments in keeping with what planners want and what’s best for the environment that the buildings are in.
Beau Quarry, Clovelly House, property developer

The first phase of this project involved the retention and extension of a historically important terraced facade. Behind this, a new four-storey residential development was built, providing eight new apartments. Whilst new materials provide a contextual response to the site’s location, they deliberately contrast, helping to define the new additions from the existing fabric through detailing, texture and colour.

The second phase provides four new townhouses designed for re-sale, off plan during construction. This allows the future owners to choose from a suite of options to add their own identity and taste to their new home without significant impact on the build programme. Internal layouts are conceived as elements set within a cohesive whole.

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