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Campfield Road planning approved

We have received planning permission to transform a decommissioned electricity works into a mixed-use residential scheme at The Camp, St Albans. Wrapped around two courtyards the project implements hidden parking below the landscaped shared spaces to deliver a pedestrian centered development.

The scheme maximises the strength of the streetscape supplementing parts of the existing building to provide 107 dual aspect high quality dwellings, 499m2 of commercial space, and active commercial frontage along Campfield Road.

Designed with distinct characters the ‘Lower Courtyard’ and ‘Upper Courtyard’ deliver generous and inspiring shared public amenity space for all of the building’s occupants. In addition to these spaces a number of planted terraces for semi-private amenity or play have been provided for the future residents.

Campfield Road online

Trego Road – Hackney Wick Mixed-use receives planning permission

We have received planning permission for a new mixed-use scheme on Fish Island in Hackney Wick as part of the Wickside Masterplan. Drawing on the concept of shared space where residential, working and public uses meet; Trego Road, is designed around a series of communal tiered yards, parks, and gardens.

Providing 52 new homes, maker spaces and tiered public and private amenity spaces, the scheme has been carefully developed to respond to the scale and materiality of the existing and emerging context whilst ensuring the building possesses a character of its own within the streetscape. The project will accommodate a greater diversity of tenure and uses, as well as the in between “non saleable” shared spaces, required to create cohesive fully functioning and successful communities.

Trego Road - Courtyard View

2-7 Stockwell Green planning approved for mixed-use residential scheme

Excited to announce that our proposal for 24 new homes and commercial space in Stockwell Green, Lambeth has received planning permission!

Located within a conservation area, 2-7 Stockwell Green compliments the immediate site and the local area through the use of three blocks that step up incrementally from the adjacent Hudson House to address the taller Glassyard building.

The proposal delivers a contemporary mixed-use development, engaging a strong community aspect for residents with a series of shared spaces providing high quality amenity, aspect and outlook. The facade of the building references the traditional materiality of the area; buff brick, light bronze zinc cladding, and decorative back lit panels are layered throughout the project to fit the building within the surrounding context. The brickwork is detailed with patterns of recessed and protruding bricks, and a secondary contrasting metal-clad inner layer highlights openings and balconies as well as the duel aspect windows that feature in every dwelling as standard.

Stockwell Green-Planning