Shore Road - Facade image
Shore Road - Facade image
  • Project: Shore Road
  • Location: Shore Road, Hackney
  • Description: Mixed-use 13 dwellings + 7 commercial units
  • Value: £8,000,000
  • Client: ARC Dev Ltd
  • Status: Planning

A disused industrial site is transformed to provide 1055m2 of floorspace for small to medium sized businesses and 13 new dwellings, in one of Hackney’s Priority Employment Areas.

The new building fills an existing gap in the street, where a building once stood several decades ago. Angled façades and carefully carved out private courtyard spaces create well-lit, multi-aspect internal spaces and direct outlook away from neighbouring buildings. Dynamic folding shutters provide privacy to the street-facing balconies.

At street level, the shutters become an entrance gate into an external, mews-like entrance space, shared by the occupants of the commercial and residential units.