Redchurch Street

Redchurch_Street-SQ-01_0000s_0000s_0004_Redchurch Street 01
Redchurch_Street-SQ-01_0000s_0000s_0004_Redchurch Street 01
  • Project: 87-91 Redchurch Street
  • Location: Shoreditch, London
  • Description: New build mixed-use
  • Value: £1,750,000
  • Client: Dome Developments
  • Status: Completed


We share a similar view on architecture with pH+: a preference for modern buildings, clean lines, as opposed to pastiche. And we have a similar view on attention to detail, and when not to compromise.
Glen Charles, managing director, City and Suburban Homes

These 9 apartments above a creative workspace in East London become a public art gallery when a series of shutters open a full 180 degrees to reveal artworks on the reverse. These brightly painted signs were commissioned from local artist Bob and Roberta Smith and map the history of nearby businesses set for demolition as the area undergoes a process of gentrification. The new development therefore celebrates the heritage of the locale and provides an active and dynamic façade along the street.

The generator of this project was to deliver a building which, like the nearby Dirty House by David Adjaye, would become a ‘retinal after effect’ and mark a point in its regeneration.

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